Violated and vulnerable

So the Warrior page was recently hacked and I’m still coming to grips with it. I will say that people can be cruel… but most people aren’t, and I pray that I don’t become more bitter as time passes. Not only was the Warrior page taken over but, I have been receiving emails and text after text of people trying to scam me to get the account back. I feel violated and it’s not good.

If I even begin to say what happened or how, I could never fully explain, let’s just say that it was the perfect storm and some people just love to take advantage of you. I might also add that people like me who are facing some unthinkable things, tend to not be on their A game like we once used to be. Life has a way of changing you that way.

I made a new page, but as I was typing tonight, I find it hard to start over. Is there a reason to, or has the warrior page run it’s course? I am very down and don’t know what to make of it all to be honest.

We have had some incredible support over the last ten years, I have gotten some wonderful messages and have seen just how many lives have been touched by our journey of hope, and of course how many people have helped change and impact our life. It’s been beautiful and I will be so sad to lose the page if Facebook is unable to ever respond to our pleas.

I don’t know how to reach those that I have grown to appreciate so much, but I have to let go! I realized that as good as this page has been, I have also used it as an idol… I have given it too much energy and I really have to ask myself why?!

Maybe it’s cathartic for me, maybe it’s to keep them so that they are never forgotten about, or maybe it’s just as simple as journaling out loud. Whatever it is, it gave me a sense of purpose.

Purpose is something that can get lost when you get wrapped up in caregiving. That becomes your number one task and before you know it, you don’t remember much about you as a person, only what you DO. It can be like living on autopilot, and hours turn into days, days into weeks and weeks into months before you look in the mirror and say WTF!!

Vulnerability and feeling violated don’t go well together, And when you are already doing everything you can stay afloat, yet the boat keeps taking on water, you have to make a decision to let go and stop fighting, or fight like hell for the hope is still burning inside, dying to be found again.

I am going to keep fighting, and get down on my knees to thank God for getting me through another day. I believe without a doubt, that He can turn any “bad or hurt” into something special, where we can see the good that has come from it.

Please pray for me to continue to trust his plan even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds!!!

Thank you to the Warrior followers who have been with us. You have given so much love when the moments were hard, laughs and smiles through the good times and inspiration to help us get through the toughest of days!!!



~ by Rebecca on October 31, 2022.

3 Responses to “Violated and vulnerable”

  1. When I read this today my first thought was, how much can one woman take Lord. Some thing came to me, a feeling of hope for you. You are a gifted writer. Your writing may have been you “journaling out loud ” but you have touched my life. I don’t remember how I started reading your page but over the years my prayers for you and your family have changed. Praying the Lord sees you through every new challenge. I will continue to pray the Lord leads you in the next chapter. Maybe a book? God bless, Dorothy

  2. I don’t remember how I came across your story but I know you were in France. Your journey has been a testimony to all of us mothers out here . You are amazingly strong and have taught many of us how to be strong and you are giving . When Eli was in the hospital you were taking donation’s for another child! I have cried with you reading your story and rejoiced . You are stronger than you think and a bigger inspiration than what you know. Praying for you and your family.

    • Thank you so much for replying! I appreciate all the support and I will miss that so much on the warrior page. He have tried to go good and we have had so much good done for us! I have to be grateful for what did happen!!! I will keep praying we get it back 🙏🏼
      Thank you again 💗💙

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