Easy peasy – Day 6 in Milan

Not much happened today at the hospital which was great after yesterday. We did have to arrive by 8:30 but the testing was not bad.

We started the day with the echo scans of the abdomen, thyroid, liver, ovaries and such. The kids didn’t mind it too much and we were only there till about 10.

We walked back to our residence in time for a sit down breakfast which they both enjoyed. Bacon sandwiches and fresh pineapple juice for the win! donuts too but they didn’t quite taste like our donuts at home:)

We were able to go home and rest, before heading back to the hospital at 2. Our 2pm appointment was to see the endocrinologist and lasted about two hours.

We escaped by 4 and did a little window shopping on the way back. We also stopped by the fountain and enjoyed the no rain today!

We had dinner plans at 8, so some took a nap and then we got ready to see our special friends for dinner!

I can’t talk about the last ten years without thinking about all the people that we got to know and love over the years. When Eli and Ella were in the hospital we became friends with one of the nurses, who introduced us to her family. We would have dinner with them and they would visit whenever we came to Italy. They are a very special family and we have many memories filled with time spent with them.

Tonight we planned dinner and they came to us to eat at China Town. (Eli’s favorite pizza place) We ate and laughed, while reminiscing over all the moments we have had together and when it was time to go we took some pictures to add to our memories.

They brought a gift for Eli and Ella, Eli a special hat and Ella, her first Pandora necklace so she will always remember them when she wears it. It was the perfect night. The Buzzi family will always be a part of our family, now and forever. Federica, Francesca, Mamma and Pappa Buzzi we love you all!!

After a memorable dinner we came back and finished packing, because we are headed on a trip tomorrow. There is a holiday on Monday and The part of the hospital that we go to, does not have work Monday and Tuesday, so we will be going away for a couple of days during this break.

Thanks to my friend Erica, we have carry-on’s that she let us borrow, so we don’t have to check a bag.

Positano here we come!!!

See you soon Milan!!!


~ by Rebecca on April 21, 2023.

One Response to “Easy peasy – Day 6 in Milan”

  1. So happy you finally got a day that wasn’t too bad! Have fun on your little holiday! Hugs!

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