Inclusion at its finest

As a special needs mom, one of the hardest and most heart tugging parts can be the simplest of things. The things that you once took for granted such as parties, hang outs and being a part of a group. Theses things can change as your child’s peers continue to mature while your kids stay in limbo. For me personally, it’s almost the hardest part of how MLD has changed our life. After ten years you think it would get easier to handle, but it’s just not that easy. Thankfully this year we have had some pretty amazing people who went above and beyond to help both Eli and Ella feel like they were a part of something that they normally wouldn’t be.

My dear friend Christie, who I might add, has the most beautiful heart, reached out on our behalf to the soccer coaches about having Ella as a “manager” this season for the 8th grade team. The coaches were on board and truly made Ella feel like part of the team. It’s not as easy as it seems though because Ella does not have a good memory, so someone had to come get her every day for practice and before the games. These girls made her experience so special and she never felt like she didn’t belong there. Ella went to every practice and almost every game! She tried to root her team on, while meeting new people. Yes, she doesn’t remember their names but she knew that she was a part of something, and every single time she put that uniform on, she absolutely loved it!!! I could not thank the coaches, and young ladies enough!! Memories for not only Ella, but for us as well.

Eli loves his sports and over the years, The people that are a part of some of the Spring-Ford teams have included both Eli and Ella in events, which has given us/them many memories that will last a lifetime. This year we learned from a couple of the basketball coaches that they wanted to invite Eli to be on the bench with them this season as a “manager”. Eli was pumped at the thought of this and has only missed one game so far. I think every game he is more excited than the last as he is walking out that door! He doesn’t like losing, so we are lucky the Rams have been playing so good!!!

The pictures here are hard to look at without feeling all sorts of emotions, but they tell a story. A story of compassion, kindness and inclusion. A story that would not have been told had it not been for some amazing coaches and young men who are making a difference in our life by inviting Eli into theirs.

I hope one day people realize just how grateful we are for thinking of our kids, and I hope Eli and Ella can add something special to their life just as they do to ours!

SF Proud !!!
Ella on game day on the way to school
Every game they stand with Eli
Melts my heart


~ by Rebecca on January 9, 2023.

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