Philly for the day and another lesson in never giving up – Jan 10

Today is Sunday and a day with pretty much the same plans as every Sunday lately, which isn’t much!! Since we spend way too much time in the house and Eric and Evan are out till this evening we decided to take a ride!

The original plan that started as a ride to Philly quickly grew to a trip by the Linc, Citizens Bank Park and The Wells Fargo Center. Followed by lunch at Pat’s. As our bellies were now full Eli said it was time to go to the Rocky Steps!! One thing I know is when he wants to do something he will find a way!!!

Not but 10 minutes later our hazards were on as we were parked out in front of the steps. He was eager to get out and as we didn’t plan for this we had no jackets or wheelchair. He grabbed his dads hand and Ella and I were right behind them. He was on a mission and there was no stopping him. I turned on the camera and watched him go. He never stopped and to the contrary he couldn’t wait to get to the top.

Every step…foot by foot, sometimes inch by inch but always forward. At one point the hop in his step was surreal. I never saw such determination in my life. When he got to the top I could see him trying to pull his hand away from his dad. He wanted to shake his fists in the air just like Rocky! He wanted to be like every other person at the top of those steps and feel the excitement of making the “run” all the way to the top!! He did it and he did it with more joy than I imagine most people have!

This is a day I will never forget… his desire and determination from the start, his feet that never gave up and his fists in the air when he made it to the top!

Thank you God for this moment! Some days I wonder what I did to deserve all these beautiful moments and memories to last a lifetime.


~ by Rebecca on January 11, 2021.

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