An army of kindness

Sometimes we don’t realize the gravity of a situation until it has passed. We might not see all the ins and outs or behind the “scene” work that it takes to make something come to fruition because life is quick and it passes us by all too often without much thought. We also may not realize how much something has affected us until we can take time to breathe and soak it all in. These last few days I have been able to soak in the effects of the incredible kindness that has been bestowed upon us the last month and it is truly humbling.

As a mom, hearing that Eli’s number one hero; his go to, who can make any bad day better would be filming not only in our area but in our own back yard I felt a mission that would soon take over my thoughts most of the days and nights ahead! A mission to do whatever I could to make a dream come true. I soon would learn that nothing like this could ever be done alone. It would take an army to make this dream come true and an army is exactly what showed up for us!!

From the first day I shared on FB about Adam Sandler I received an incredible response. Emails, phone calls and messages all saying how they knew someone who knew someone. My heart fluttered at the thought but didn’t want to get too high. Somehow NBC10 got ahold of the story and called me Friday night. At first I heard “hello Becky I am from NBC10 and would like to hear more about Eli and his love for Adam Sandler.” He asked me to email him and I quickly said of course. A few minutes later my phone rang again and this time he said, “instead we would like to do a Skype with you tonight is that ok?” I couldn’t believe it but said yes!! We had our Skype that night and although Eli seemed a bit nervous it was perfect. I shared the story the next day and within a few hours it had 200 shares on FB. I believed Adam would hear all about Eli if he hadn’t already.

By Sunday, Eli’s army was working full time on this and it was surreal. Imagine people that don’t even know you reaching out with possible connections that you never imagined. People that I haven’t talked to since high school willing to do so much to make this happen. People that have followed our journey from day one and those that have just heard about us…All working on One goal, to make Eli’s dream come true. People came out of the woodworks, others took it upon themselves to email his publicist (who probably hates us by now) people emailed co-workers who have family in Hollywood, some contacted people that were working on set, working with his caterers, his security… any way to get to Adam, Eli’s army was on it!!

Sunday evening I got a call from John Bolaris confirming what we were hoping …that something was going to happen. John is working with Adam’s people while he is in town. Although my hopes were up, I still refused to believe.

Later that night we did an update with NBC10 to share how amazing our community has been with trying to make Eli’s dream come true. The excitement was growing and by Monday morning we had hope that Adam would be so sick of hearing about Eli that he would do something just to shut us up!!

Tuesday morning I sent the second letter explaining MLD to Adam’s team. I would imagine they get numerous requests, so they needed to verify that our story was in fact not made up. Within a half an hour I received an email saying that they were in the process of working on something with Adam. Hours later the unthinkable happened and we had a zoom set for the next day!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!! This was such a group effort and there was no way to express our thanks! We shared the news with Eli later that evening and the joy was palpable!!!

Wednesday morning came and we had Eli tell us his favorite movies, movie lines and any questions that he had for Adam. We were prepping him so he didn’t forget anything. I mean this was Adam Sandler … Eli’s hero!!We were told we had maybe 15 minutes with him, so we wanted to be prepared in case Eli was star struck.

We got an email an hour before the scheduled zoom saying that Adam was on lunch now and was ready!! OMG, it was probably better… less time to get nervous.

In about ten minutes we signed on and much to our surprise a familiar face greeted us. Jonathan loughran who most would know by his crazy eye in many of Adam Sandler movies was on the other end of the zoom. He told Eli not to worry that he wasn’t Adam and after dealing with my craziness making sure we could video the zoom, Adam popped into the screen!

After the initial hello, the two of them sounded like they could be best buds. Eli would recite a movie line perfectly and Adam would guess the wrong movie, then Eli would tell him what movie the line was from. This went on until Adam got a Jack and Jill line which he was very happy about. The jokes and movie lines went on and on. He asked us questions and had something funny to say to everyone. He was funny, down to earth, and genuine. Never did he look at the time and every time we thought the time was drawing near the end he kept going. There are no words to describe his kindness to our family and of course to Eli. He was more than we could have ever hoped for. He spent 40 minutes with Eli and every minute was spent well…with laughter and memories to last a lifetime!

Thank you for making this dream a reality. To witness the outpouring of love for Eli and to see so many people genuinely want to see this happen has been such a gift that we will cherish forever. As often as we might feel unworthy of all the kindness and love, we are reminded that this is not about us but about Eli. He is such a special young man who is so deserving and he continues to teach so many about what it really means to live!

Thank you Adam for a day that will bring Eli joy forever!!

~ by Rebecca on October 24, 2020.

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