The sacrifice of Thanks 

Two weeks ago I was having a talk with God…trying to figure stuff out that just isn’t meant to be figured out. I was contemplating life, the kids and what I could do for God to let him know that I want to live the plan he has for me. Not my plan but his. Some days this is harder than others but the foundation is the same… My life is not my own.

I picked up my bible ; which was a bit dusty and as I opened it I remembered the question I asked “what sacrifice can I show you that I want you to guide my life?”sure enough the answer was right in front of me… Right on the page I opened …Psalm 50 “the one who offers thanksgiving as a sacrifice glorifies me” I had my answer and I promised myself I would change my thinking to be thankful for as much as I possibly can in my life… Even the bad, sad and things that made me angry I would TRY to be thankful for. 

This has not been easy but the truth is the more you acknowledge and are thankful for the little things, the more things you will notice to be thankful for. Some days I feel so thankful that emotion takes over and I simply can’t believe how many people love these kids. It’s hard to be the recipient of so much goodness and it’s hard to need it. The beauty of it though is simply that… It is a beautiful thing and there will never be an adequate way of expressing how thankful I feel. 

A week and a half ago I was going to my new job at Gymboree which I am so grateful for as I love kids so much and I had about ten minutes till my class started. I got a picture sent to me of the staff of Oaks elementary (Eli and Ella’s school) they had worn their warrior shirts or their Go Shout Love shirts. Now I’m emotional as it is and as the pic came across I lost it. The simplicity of a single picture and what it can mean to someone is just indescribable until you can comprehend the meaning behind it. 

This year is Eli’s last year at Oaks and I could get teary eyed every day I walk into the school. Eli was diagnosed two weeks into first grade and from day one the support and love has been overwhelming from everyone. Really, there are no words just a feeling of  THANKFULLNESS… 

My sacrifice right now is just that… A way to show that I can find somethingto be thankful for even in the midst of sadness and anger… In the middle of terrible anxiety and the face of the unknown. I will be thankful because that is a sacrifice I am choosing to make to show God I want him to guide me. 

When life is so uncertain and you truly live day by day, sometimes it’s hard to find things to get you through. Yet, if you look hard enough at the amazing things that people all around you are doing it makes it all seem worth it. There are some pretty awesome people out there and I am blessed to know a ton. 

When Go Shout Love decided they needed to take a break to regroup, they changed their cover photo for Facebook. Basically with this cover they wanted people to know that #goshoutlove is not a company or an organization it is a MOVEMENT. A movement of shouting love to those who need it… 

Giving thanks and shouting love… What could be more important??

Thank you Oaks for giving us so much to be thankful for and for shouting love for Eli and Ella from day one!! We are so blessed!!!



~ by Rebecca on March 8, 2016.

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