Have you ever thought that life is a set of choices? I don’t mean choices about college, love, where to work and so on. I mean choices about either choosing the high road or the low road…the wide or the narrow way. I think many if not all of us go through life and barely give it a second thought because we just REACT.

Picture this… Everything in life happens for a reason…every person you meet, place you go, or situation that arises is meant for you. You are given so many different opportunities to see what you are made of and who you are. How will you choose or respond? What road will you take? I am not going to sit here and say we all need to be perfect because there is no such thing. What I am saying is have you ever contemplated life and how the decisions you make affect others? Have you ever thought that the typical way we respond to people most of the time comes from our ego…from our fear of being vulnerable?

If God allows certain things to happen to us or certain situations into our life it may not always be about “us” it may partly be about all the other people surrounding us. How will they respond? What if with every situation we have 10 different ways to react…1 being the most selfishly and 10 being the most “Christ like”. What if this time here on earth is truly a school to learn lessons and do the best we can…how will you fare? Now that is not for me to judge but what I want to share is this…It is OK to be vulnerable, it is o.k. to say I am sorry, it is o.k. to be wrong and it is o.k. to express these things. What are we hiding behind? How many times have you done something where you think you may have reacted too quickly…then you feel bad or act like “oh well it was their fault anyway” then blow it off. Why oh why is it so easy for so many of us to keep that guard up…the guard of “well I am not giving in, or it’s not all me so I am not worrying about it” I wonder this so often … I also wonder if every one of us had one day where we could see how our actions or reactions to people affected others. If you could see how the quick smart comment you just spewed out of your mouth (or in this day and age a txt or email) changed that other persons day would you still say it? Or would you think how you could have approached it differently? Go back to yesterday or the day before and find something that you are not happy about how you reacted…how do you think that may have affected the other person? Maybe your reaction was a 4 out of 10 and you learned something from the issue but if you would have chosen a different reaction you could have learned even more. We all have so many opportunities to act more “Christ like” and let that guard down, forgive, or maybe just to think before we act.

I have to say it is not much fun needing people…I never thought in a million years that I would have to rely on people or need people for help as much as I do. Although if I look at it differently, instead of being sad about all the help we need maybe I should look at it like this. Our crazy, unique and sad situation has brought out so much good in so many people that we know and even more that we don’t know …and maybe just maybe that is all part of the plan. Maybe it’s not just about MLD and Milan… there is so much more and I witness it every day! The amazing things that people have done for us, the love that so many show toward us and the people that are there through it all.

I hope not one of you ever feels helpless like we have…I hope not one of you needs the support from people that we have needed and if you have made it through life so far without needing others count yourself blessed.

As I was on the phone yesterday, I was speaking of a sadness that is deep inside of me…a sadness that just seems to come from the sensitive, emotional person that I am. I was focused on all the wrong things at that moment …just then there was a knock at my door. It was my friend Laura…she knows I love her cookies and she stopped by with a card and cookies just to brighten our day. To me that was a big slap in the face from God…”look Becky, don’t focus on the ones who miss the opportunities, who fail to see life outside of their own little box” “focus on the ones that are right in front of you and have been from the beginning.” I learned a valuable lesson yesterday and it has changed my thinking. The thing with lessons is you have to be open to them… try it…it just may change your life…or maybe you can change someone else’s life.


~ by Rebecca on November 13, 2013.

3 Responses to “Choices”

  1. This is awesome Becky!! You are truly amazing!!

  2. Very well said. Thank you for your wise words. You amaze me. God is shining through you very brightly. Peace and serenity to you as you tread through this. Prayers for continued support and love. You definitely have mine. Wish I could give those kiddos a big hug. While I know you are seeing the other side of things that so many others don’t see, I still think this is all so unfair and it breaks my heart that you have to go through any of this. I have such HIGH HOPES for this therapy in Milan!!!!

  3. Our lives are lived through our own perceptions of it. We all have our own journey through this life and we are all connected—-mind boggling to think about. When we let go of ego, we do see the world in a different light.

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